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Space Epic Untitled needs new storylines, amazing artwork and cool new characters! Help build an amazing world in a multiplayer TV show / video game hybrid (available NOW on Amazon for Fire TV). It's purposely "Untitled" so our fans can join the fun and drive the story forward. Your creative input will help us make Space Epic Untitled, well… epic!

The Space Epic Untitled video game is designed for smart TV devices, like AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and AndroidTV. It's an episodic multiplayer world, where the story is told in the environment, through the actions of 'bots and NPCs, and through a video chat feature. You use your phone and the game controller to pilot ships, mine ore, battle enemies, and communicate.

Episode 1 features Bear City and Face Base, two pirate clans, each robbing the same ore consignment. These two factions couldn't be more different in goals and attitude. Into the midst of this minor battle enters Cat Anne, a genetically engineered con-artist, streaking in with the cops on her tail.

We're now working on Episode 2, and that's where you come in! Our goal is to enlist you in the battle to free Mars, and help introduce interesting characters and fun scenes that will take our upcoming episodes to the next level.

I want to be the first to welcome you to our creator community and thank you for embracing the world of Space Epic Untitled. I look forward to working with you all.

Warm regards,

Founder and CEO
KUMA Games

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