Not their given name but one that was given to them anyways.

The Barklee's or "Burntwoods" or "stick people" however you want to call them are a race of sentient, bipedal, plant people from a volcanic planet found in Out Sol.

A unique aspect about the Barklee is that they have no mouths, therefore, no vocal cords, as such their form of communication is 100% non-verbal. To them, the humans way of verbally communicating with various sounds and words seems annoying.

The Barkley are known for being anti-social and usually stick to their own kind and prefer not to intermingle with other species unless necessary.

Due to their imposing demeanor, most people are content to leave them be or just ignore them, which suits the Barklee just fine. Granted there are times when humans have gotten aggressive or paranoid and have behaved hostility towards them, it never ends well for the humans!

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