Base Triphone

Base Triphone Is a Technological Base that is made up of just a handful of people.

The fiery five that make up the Base are Hammil Triphone (Scientist), Vincent Dayshine (engineer), Christopher Adrill (Pilot), Pammila Triphone (Secondary Scientist), and Codename 5555 (gunner).

The sheer brainpower of just these five outweighs the collective intelligence of factions many times their size. And so, what they lack in monetary resources they more than make up for in their clever use of cheap technology and reusable energy. Base Triphone are masters at the art of recycling resources and creating an ever-changing array of weaponry and ship programming that keeps their city on the cutting edge of both modern warfare and economical productivity. Together, they know how to make strong guns, fast ships, killer lasers, and computer AIs using scrap ore and spare parts from abandoned, disabled ships.

The group has but one mission: to defeat all enemies of theirs and destroy other factions to gain supremacy over the galaxy. The Base is entirely self-sufficient: They grow their own food, develop various communications methods, invent medicines, and manufacture a variety of weapons in specialized laboratories on the Base Triphone mothership.

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