The Followers of Eratos

No soul, no conscience, no problem (just look at what they did to Harold Cincinnnati ).

In the early days, the Followers of Eratos were the homeless, criminals, or anarchists of Earth. Once the "powers that be" decided to clean up the continents and ship all the undesirable Earthlings out to terrafrom Mars, the Followers banded together like Cosmic Crips and claimed their own territory in outSol, led by the elite forces the Chosen….Farming wasn't exactly their "thing" anyway.

This ain't from personal experience, but these "followers" are said to have some strange powers. They don't die, or don't die easily. Some people think they've been genetically engineered to survive low-level laser fire, and others say they got some sort of dark matter in their blood that makes them resistant to human pain. But if you ask Big Lenny it's more likely they're just a band of badasses all hopped up on testosterone and rage.

No one knows for sure how they got their advanced technology, but these Followers of Eratos got a hella serious fleet. Their largest shipsare know as World Purgers, but it ain't frequently spotted in the usual mining areas, because, well… they the Followers aren't miners. They're thieves. So don't you go worrying about them takin' the ore you got your eye on. They're more likely to blow you apart and pick the bones of your ship for ore spillage. And that's if you're lucky. There's a century of tales that's been told about kidnapping, human sacrifice, and other unholy activities taking place aboard the World Purger.

But that ain't the worst of it.

The Followers play a little game they refer to as The Cleansing, whereby outsiders and uppity crew members are thrown into a dark chamber and warmed up real nice with lasers. If you're strong or dumb enough to survive The Cleansing you get a second chance at death. The'll man you up on one of the Followers' self-driven ships specially programmed and designed to target Multicorp ships for a suicide mission. And let's not forget about the Wraiths (small, heavily equipped anti-matter fighters) and the Death Bringer (A colossal mobile space fortress). Followers can be identified by their full face helmets emitting purple lights and use a hood to cover it, leaving only front to show. Along with armoured gauntlets and shine guards with standard followers clothing. It is said that follower is never to reveal their face to anyone, for it means that they are not worthy of being a follower and will commit suicide

They have a base on Eris

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