Hades' Rulers

Even the devil runs when he hears that we're coming over.
Hades' Rulers' motto

When a small group of pirates and mercenaries was captured, years ago, they were sent to a place that people only described as hell. But even hell wasn't prepared for the brutality of these men and women. Within the year they had taken over the ship holding them and, with that, acquired one of the largest pirate ships in the universe.

People quickly bowed down to their new leader, who took on the title of "Supreme Devil". He and his original crew, who were now acting as his demons and succubi, create an atmosphere of loose entertainment all over the citywide ship.

It didn't take long for the "Supreme Devil" to start taking his name and the name he had given his crew, a little too seriously. He started splicing his DNA and that of his men to make them look more inhuman than thought possible.

With his demons enforcing law by force and his succubi using more subtle methods, "Supreme Devil" was able to rule over his city with an iron grip and instill fear in the heart of any other faction.

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