Mining Guild

"Honest" John Stetson is the leader of the Mining Guild.

A brief history:

The Mining Guild (known at the time as 'Body of Earth Miners) was once a well respected member of the UMF (United Miners Front), active on various planets and in the various colonies. Some fifteen years ago during a dispute with Multi-Corp, the Mining Guild began strike action. The strike lasted three months before it would come to its grizzly end.

The UMF- pressured by the corporations- eventually sent its officers to quell the air of resistance, yet to no avail. They were met with fierce opposition, and a lot of them returned from their journeys with broken bones and other such injuries. By this point, the Mining Guild had ceased all production, and began a campaign of "scorched Earth" policy that saw both corporate and government offices, vehicles and equipment alike destroyed. It was declared as 'mutiny' by the corporations and Earth national governments.

At the UN's direction, Multi-corp laid siege to The Mining Guild commissariat station but the Mining Guild was up for a fight. Calling their members from all over Sol, the Mining Guild broke through the siege and met their foes face to face. It ended in bitter defeat. The Earth national governments crushed the rebellion in a swift few days. At the end of it the casualties were thirteen hundred miners, ninety mercenaries, one capital ship and one Union official. The remaining miners and their leader John Stetson (A.K.A. "Honest John") were rounded up and sentenced- ironically- to hard labour. Yet, Honest John was undeterred. En route to the prison ship the 'Iris', Honest John and a few like-minded miners, overpowered the crew and took control of the ship, leaving nothing of the crew. The Iris finally settled on Jupiters moon 'Ganymede', constructing a small shanty base now known as 'New Prospect'. It was here that the 'Association of Independent Miners' was established and a charter written up that stated New Prospect as a safe haven for any miner(s) in the face of any perils. Eventually, miners from all across the galaxy came. The population grew, New Prospect grew, the economy grew. Eventually there were around 400 miners living in New Prospect, a decision was made to band all of the estranged Miners societies into one democratic body, and thus the Mining Guild is born.

Mining Guild today

Fifteen years later, the Mining Guild is a well respected body but is not without its controversy. Still headed by Honest John, only recently two Earth officials disappeared shortly after takeoff from New Prospect and there whereabouts are still unknown. Aside from the controversies, the Mining Guild continues to grow from strength to strength, despite its small numbers, it is a tightly organised and well equipped body whose name is known- and feared by some- far and wide.

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