Mullier Collective

If Charles Manson had a faction this would be it.

The Mullier Collective is a group of religious fanatics from Earth (where else) who believe The Dot leads straight to the front door of their "god", Tarenim. I reckon because they got a god on their side they might think they're a little better than your average space city out there, but let's cut the crap here and call 'em what they are: a cult. The lead lunatic is some spiritual space cadet named Jorj Mullier (Uh, I believe it's spelled G-e-o-r-g-e, but whatevs… I digress). Jorj claims to his followers that he's special, magical even, because he was bein' told the future through telepathic messages from beyond the black hole.

Well, that just tickles my underbelly.

So Jorj rubs them crystal balls of his and tells his followers that Mars is gonna be a new utopia under his rule. (Well, in my very humble opinion Mars would be a fucking utopia under anyone's rule other than the Multis, duh. But again, I digress.) He tells his people to prepare for Tarenim's coming by stockpiling weapons and using their collective savings to purchase a fleet of fast super fast tugs.

Now I suppose if you ain't got family and you ain't got nobody watchin' your six you'll sign up for just about anything. And that's what they did - hundreds of 'em - and what they lacked in brain cells they made up for in sack. Within a year ol' Jorjie boy is leading that army of lost souls straight into the MCS exclusion zone. They fight with guerrilla tactics against the Multis and did pretty good by all accounts, except poor "Prophet" Jorj, who was captured and killed in the second day of battle. Guess he didn't get the message about that one.

Now that was seventeen years ago. Today, their Prifly is a crazy ace named Blake Vindowe. He and the other 200 members of the Mullier Collective continue to fight for control of Mars ('cause they still believe their god is holed up there in The Dot playin' Words with Friends or whatever else gods do waitin' around a big black abyss), still believing they're destined to create heaven on Mars.

The problem we all got with the Mulliers is, besides the fact that they're nuttier than squirrel shit, they're unpredictable. And they're real violent when they wanna be. I don't mean just toward the Multis. Hell, that's just fun. I mean they shoot to kill anyone and anything even remotely close to The Dot or Mars. Or the Asteroid Highway. Or Bear City. Maybe they're afraid Big Daddy Tarenim's playing favorites, I dunno. But you'd be best to steer clear of the Mulliers, 'cause they will shoot you out of the sky without blinkin' a bloodshot eye.

I swear to god Tarienim.

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