Multi-National Corporations ("Multicorps")

A number of wealthy and powerful multinational corporations, working in loose association with one another, often simultaneously competing and cooperating in large endeavors.

The rise of the Multicorps was largely fueled by the tremendous expense (and revenue) of Space Elevator construction. Multicorps may contain dozens of smaller organizations, bound in temporary or permanent contractual and hereditary relationships.

One such association is The Corporation for Interplanetary Development, a syndicate of Megalith, NewCo, Galapaco and AQC. The multis imposed the Treaty of Vienna-HEO, granting them the terms required to make the huge investment in creating The Dot and terraforming Mars. Among the rights granted were a formal deed to Mars regions and the legal use of force through Multicorp Security force — necessary to maintain order on the giant Hooker ships, protect the Asteroid Highway from pirates and jumpers, and police the colonies on Mars.

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