Factions: Rough Riders

The American west was know for its outlaws that are still Remembered to this day, but if you think that space pirates the only problem that you have to face, then think again for Mars is the new Wild West and the outlaws are as mean and trigger happy as their predecessors before them. One of them begin the Rough Riders, the most wanted criminals on the red planet. Many of them started out like decent folk trying to making a living for themselves. But after the uprising, they had enough of all the work that were not getting paid enough for. So the first thing they did rob a cooperate bank in broad day light and road off into the desert, they even dressed like outlaws, with a few upgrades here and there. Security forces didn't even catch anyone of them before they even got there. The creation of a legend was in the making as more crimes were made by the Rough Riders, from robberies to burglaries. Soon enough bounties were placed on the Rough Riders and Just about every law enforcement agent want their heads on a plater. Of course, one tried to go after them since they lived out desolate Martian wastes and many of the colonists pictured them a heroes, sticking it to the man. The Rough Riders wouldn't have survived for long if it wasn't for their leaders, referred to as the Big Four, Quinn Hanigan, Adela Von Kühn, Lu Chan, and Carlos Santiago. As long their is loot to be stolen, the Rough Riders will be waiting to snatch it without a moments notice.

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