The Chosen

The Chosen are the elite special forces of the Followers of Eratos. Lead by Strife, a member of the Disciples of Oblivion, they are made into cold blooded killers with no remorse. It is even said that a Chosen rookie must kill one of their fellow members in combat to be an official member. They are masters of war and infiltration. Making them a shoot on sight priority when they are identified. What makes them stand out from other followers is that they paint their helmets with skulls with the blood of their first kill. Along with full scale body armor that is difficult to pierced with normal energy weapons and high advanced combat helmets with a variety of different settings. When they get an assignment, they get it done by any means necessary.

Their most lethal operation happened on a multi security orbital station orbiting Mars. The station was in ruins within an hour and there were no survivors. Over 400 lives were lost in the incident. No one is sure why they attacked to begin with, it was nothing more than research station for terraforming or was it?

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