The Followers of Eratos part 2

A cult formed at the end of the 21st century and fled Earth after they were defeated their war of total extinction in the War of the Doom Seekers.

They now travel across space destroying everything in their path. They worship Eratos, the God of Destruction. At the moment they are one of the most wanted terrorist groups in known space. They use any means necessary to end all life in the universe to please their god and be granted passage to the lands of Void where they with be one with him.

Many of these followers have scattered across space in small numbers to avoid being spotted by those who would do them harm and try to keep in contact with one another to plan their next move. No one know for sure how they even have advanced technology since they fled Earth. Some how they were able to harness the power of dark matter in their machines and weapons. Some of them even has injected it into their bodies for strange powers. Many tried to study their technology but fail due to how unstable the substance is. Their largest ships are know as World Purgers and are hard to spot due to the difficulty of reading dark matter signatures.

Their fighters are know as wraiths due to their cloaking technology. Their middle class cruisers are know as Blood Hounds since they are hard to escape from. The most dangerous weapon of all are the Death Bringer. Which is a massive moving fortress capable of holding millions of men and ships for relentless assaults.

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