The Wardens

These guys only have one job in the entire universe, to keep the peace on Midgard Station by any means necessary. They should never be messed with at all since they wear power armor that makes them look like giants to begin with. The only ones that they listen to are themselves and no matter who you are, once you disturb the peace you are in a world of hurt. They are not that friendly with outsiders either, so always watch your back. The origins of these aggressive brutes begins fourty years after the founding of Midgard Station. Back then Midgard Station was a lawless frontier town with crime and cooperations trying to take control. Last straw was when an all out war between the worst gangs trying to rule over Midgard. A few angry citizens joined together to drive out everyone who tried to ruin their way of life and modified some old mining power suits into weaponized power armor to show that they meaned business. One simple demand they made to everyone, get out or die. No one took them seriously at first, but as the body count rose, every scumbag high tailed it all the way to Pluto to get away from a gruesome death. Thouse the Wardens were born and later Midgard Station would be declared a neutral territory in Sol system. Parties from opposite sides made sure to be on their best behavior or they would be force to deal with the severe punishment of Wardens that always watched them.

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