Quick Reference

Normal edit boxes have a toolbar above them to assist with making bolded or italicized text. The quickest way to input styled text, however, is to type in the appropriate syntax. A comprehensive guide to Wikidot's syntax can be found in the Documentation. This page, however, can be used as a quick reference and should satisfy most textual needs.

Syntax Syntax
**bold** //italic//
__underline__ ##red|colored text##
+ Heading ++ Sub-heading
* Bulleted List # Numbered List
[[[pagename | Link to page]]] [http://www.wikidot.com Link to site]
[[size smaller]]Smaller text[[/size]] [[size larger]]Larger text[[/size]]
[[image SOURCE_URL]] > Quoted text
[[<]]Align left[[/<]] [[>]]Align right[[/>]]
[[=]]Center[[/=]] [[==]]Justify[[/==]]
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