Europa Water Mines

As one of the few cheap, reliable source of water out Sol, Europa was among TCID's first targets beyond Mars to fuel and provide shielding for the MultiCorp Mother ships' long journeys outoutSol for asteroid renavigation.

Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky.

A series of hundreds of drilling platforms have been built in the cracks in Europa’s icy surface (seen as dark striations from Earth), where rigs drill down six or more miles for unfrozen water, which are piped up and lifted into orbit for TCID use. Strippers and other independents can refuel — but only at exorbitant cost.

As a result, Face Base and Bear City (among others) have organized smash-and-grab raids against the water tanker ships leaving the rigs, seizing scattered shipments for their own populations — and Old Blue distillation. So far MultiCorps Security have been unable to catch up with the perpetrators, but word is that a brutal crackdown is right around the corner…

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