Helios Prison

With few places to put criminals in the Sol system, Multi Security decided to make a maximum security prison to contain them.

Helios (or "the Void") is what you call a man made hell in the vacuum of space. It doesn't matter what you did or how long your crime spree is, you get sent to Helios either way. The prison itself is stationed in Jupiter's orbit with no means of escape. There are no guards to watch the prisoners, instead they use a high power security system to keep them at bay. The prisoners can do what ever they want in there as long as they follow one simple rule, don't escape. Like the Alcatraz of Earth, there is no way to escape…and if for some reason someone does manage to get out, the entire station is ordered to crash in to Jupiter so no one else does.

At the moment the prison itself is controlled by several gangs who have made themselves at home in the prison. The worst of these gangs are The Crimson Blades lead by the crime lord Lenard "the Butcher" McCullough and The Black Moon lead by Harold Cincinnati, a gun smuggler with a bad attitude.

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