Midgard Station

Midgard station is one of several space stations in the Outsol system. What makes this one special is that it's a neutral territory with no affiliations with any factions.

Midgard station was originally used as a mining station for asteroid fields until it was abandoned when a plague killed most of the miners. Years later, its was rediscovered by scavengers looking for scrap to sell. But seeing how good the condition of the station was, they decided to rebuild instead. Over time more and more people came and the station became bigger and bigger as time went on. Now it has become a trading station and neutral ground for fractions to agree on terms. Of course this is done at the Falling star, a popular tavern on the 5 level of station, were there's nothing but drinking and poker.

Not to mention having the best moonshine this side of the Milky Way. To make sure the place is safe from trouble an enforcer group known as the Wardens were formed in order to keep the peace. It is truly a place of peace in a ever change system of conflict.

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