The Pink Taco

Where the liquor is hard and the women are easy.

The Pink Taco is the most famous nightclub aboard the Pleasure Cruise. Hell, it's the most famous nightclub in all outSol, son! It's strictly anti-gravity - that way its guests never come down, if you know what I mean. The Pink is frequented by us bachelor types on leave after long, lonely days in the cockpit. You know how a gun held butt to nuts for hours on end gets a little… uncomfy. But The Pink Taco is also a hotspot for young and rich Earthlings with unlimited resources and zero potential to otherwise get laid. Big Lenny's happy to take their money, and yours too. Heh, heh… And I'd be lyin' to say it ain't worth it.

If you enter the Pink just be sure and remember it's owned by biggest and most dangerous crime bosses in space. Big Lenny's run this primo joint for 30+ years and drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, and smuggling are strictly prohibited by anyone! Except Big Lenny, of course.

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