Space Elevators

Space elevators were developed by various Multi-corporations in convenient locations on Earth (Galapagos, Vienna, Kilmanjaro, Puncak Jaya, Mr. Kea, etc.) typically consisting of high mountains near the Earth's equator.

The elevators consist of long cables tethering expansive space platforms in High- and Low-Earth orbit to points on earth, as well as climbing machinery that efficiently (albeit slowly) transport materials from Earth into orbit, and vice-versa. These elevators enable for the first time the exploitation of near Earth resources, and low-grav manufacturing and medicine at scale (and apartments with some pretty awesome views).

The riches of space fueled the rise of the Multi-corporations, a consolidation of previously unknown wealth in the hands of the organizations responsible for building and maintaining the Elevators. These Multicorps would drive Earth history for the next 50 years.

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