Jumper Fleet

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

When Cat Anne learns from Hank "the mighty" Henderson that there are stranded alien artifacts in existence it becomes her mission to rescue and reunite them in an effort to reassemble the magical alien time ship. Problem is, Cat Anne and her little tug, the Cheyenne, are no match for the Multis. To find and recover the alien artifacts, she knows she needs an army.

Enter Bear City and Face Base.

Cat Anne convinces the rival factions that the recovery of the artifacts will lead to the release of Mars from Multicorp Security's control. Though Bear City's Prifly initially expresses hesitation, the other faction members from both cities readily agreed to take any opportunity to wage war against the Multis and, perhaps, reclaim Mars as their own. And so, Cat Anne and her newly assembled jumper fleet take to the skies in search of the mysterious artifacts.

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