Old Blue

Old Blue is a legendary beverage drank in various versions throughout outSol.

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Old Blue- Taste The Victory

Its original origins are lost in history, though there are many theories. Brewed in secretive asteroid pits (not really), in unused storage rooms (usually), and in the chamber pots (has occurred — some like it better). At its harshest, at full strength, Old Blue's narcotic "buzz" has been likened to "tequila meets a punch to the face." But when mellowed with various rare herbs and flavorings, it's served in the finest tug lots and commissariats.

The Bear City distillers at the Bluery are sworn to secrecy, but it's widely rumored that Old Blue is a concoction of equal parts vodka (but some swear it's gin), Blue Curacao, and lemonade.

Editor's Note: A specialty of the house at Bear City — if you're lucky enough to catch them inSol stop in to J-El's bar and ask (very politely, I beseech you!) for "the good stuff."


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