Pleasure Cruise

This ain't no love boat.

The Pleasure Cruise is a sex-tastic trip to with no expectations and no agenda. It's an orgy in orbit, man! Don't nobody judge you; ain't no questions asked. It's just you and a whole other horde o' horndogs ready for action outside the field of battle. And a couple hundred sex-crazed "dancers" who wanna get to know your drunken ass just a little better.

The most popular attraction aboard is, of course, The Pink Taco. I don't know how Big Lenny recruits 'em, but he's got the finest women in outSol just grindin' and twerkin' like their pretty little lives depend on it - all for you! Imagine: No naggin', no waitin' and hopin' and prayin' for a once-in-a-blue-moon "Big Morning". You'll be dog tired after a couple days on the Pleasure Cruise. But you'll be bookin' your next trip before you hit the head on the way out, I promise you that.

The Pleasure Cruise has stately staterooms and bangin' banquet facilities and perfectly private quarters, and that's all nice. But once you get better acquainted with one of the many beautiful ladies who live and work aboard you'll only be seein' stars. And probably a negative bank account. But man alive… is it worth it.

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