Alisa - Pilot (Face Base)

Alisa is a 25-year-old young, prideful, revolutionary from Face Base.

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Alisa From Face Base

Alisa's a hot shot pilot, too, exercising her extraordinary fighting skills in the pursuit of freedom and equality for all Martians from the cockpit of the Cydonia 2. She's got a subtle mid-northern Martian accent, and an Aunt Sima back in Cydonia on Mars whom she writes to constantly. Alisa also recruited the highly regarded Dr. Penzal.

Alisa's a wisp of a thing to look at, but quick and decisive. A deadly mongoose in the cockpit; a deadly black widow in the sack. She was raised in the Free Mars Movement and her transition from Face Base to Bear City is difficult for the loner. Icy cool in most situations, Alisa does not like criticism, and a dress down from her superiors will drive her mad — her usual response to this pent up tension? Get the clothes off the first guy she sees. Needless to say the young pilots scheme for her disciplinary actions.

Citizen Dylan, kindly stop telling me how evolved you are. I am from the Martian Highland, not Museum of Natural History. From you I can be hearing three phrases: "I will buy you that," "Yes, I am an idiot," or "Incoming."

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