Tess "nag nag" Rain - Communications Chief (Bear City)

Bear City’s Communications Chief is a lovable, goofy young woman by the name of Tess "nag nag" Rain.

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Tess of Bear City

Born and raised (and raised RIGHT, damn it) in the Earth state of Texas, "Tessie" struggled to gain followers, fame, and a way out of her humble hometown of Corsicana - the fruit cake capital of the world. She finally struck gold by landing a gig as the host of a syndicated radio show, a short-lived career which would prep Tess for her unexpected future as the Bear City Communications Chief in outSol.

When her strikingly strong Texas accent isn't heard delivering the morning news with over-the-top enthusiasm, Tess's other "reports" include an ongoing op-ed about how the history of the world would have been re-written if Texas had only managed to secede from the United States, how Dr. Pepper has it "all-the-fuck-over" Old Blue (ain't you a pepper, too?), and how a pirated boxed set of Friday Night Lights would be worth all the ore in the Asteroid Highway.

Bear City, it’s your Comms Chief. I know it’s really, really, really early but (louder) it’s time to get the fuck out of bed! We’ve got a line of somebody’s rocks coming in and no multi-corp security in sight. And for those sons of bitches handing out shots of old blue last night at the J-El ━ (laughs) Oh… I’ll have my revenge next weekend!

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