Primary Flight Controller (Bear City)

Primary Flight Control is an all-business Air Force vet, the “mission control” voice you recall from a lunar space landing.

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Bear City Primary Flight Controller

A seasoned pilot over 40, originally from Tyler, Texas, Bear City's Primary Flight Controller is an intelligent, well-liked and witty. PriFly delivers commands in a flat, controlled voice ━ keeping it cool, no matter how hot it gets ━ while directing his flight team in their often deadly endeavors.

The director in the sky, PriFly is the strategic compass for Bear City pilots and players, particularly after they’ve taken off and left Bear City.

I’ve got McKinney, Jin, Backlund, Blieka, and Chen on the flight line. Can we get a comms check?

EMMONS (mocking PriFly's drawl in an outrageous over-the-top Texas accent)
I read you five by five, mama bear.

Very funny, Emmons. You missed the pre-flight check-in again. Today you sweep floors. Mute your mic son and bring me a cup of coffee on your way up.

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