Captain Clam - Captain of Synergy (MultiCorp Security)

The undisputed kingpin of the Multicorp Security Forces.

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Captain Clam

Senior officer from MultiCorp Security, commander of the Synergy and a no-nonsense bad-ass. MCS forces are paid for by the big MultiCorps for the sole purpose of prosecuting any individuals attempting to rob corporate-owned ("tagged") ore, and generally keeping the peace on all roads that lead to the Asteroid Highway. It's a big job, and Captain Clam is the head honcho.

Clam's present command is the Multicorp Security vessel MCS1138 — the Synergy — a mammoth Watson-class vessel with 24 heavy laser cannons, space wing of 90 Carona-class gunships, twenty-two thousand mega-watt shields, and ship’s company of approximately six thousand.

Prior to the Synergy, Clam served twenty years in Earth Defense. Jaegar is rumored to take Clam's position upon his retirement.

CAPTAIN CLAM: Unidentified vessels, this is Captain Clam of MultiCorp Security vessel 1138, the Synergy. I hereby order you to switch on transponders and move in an orderly manner or We WILL use deadly force.

CAPTAIN CLAM (VO, unmoved)
Okay, unidentified freighter… this is what a warning shot feels like.


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