Dr. Penzal

Dr Penzal is the Sanjay Gupta of Face Base - that is if Sanjay Gupta were pumping his patients with questionable performance-enhancing compounds.

Originally an independent operator based near Valles Marineris, this 'Interstellar Dr. Feelgood’ was originally recruited to join Face Base during a Pleasure Cruise by the faction's Director of Enthusiasm, Alisa. Dr. Penzal’s primary role is to ensure that the colony’s top flyers can be effective during their long and grueling mining missions (even if performance-enhancing compounds have technically been declared illegal by Multicorp Security Forces). His special cocktail is Alcindromycine Monoxide Polonium - or AMP for short - which allows for a heightened awareness, quicker reflexes and reduced susceptibility to muscle atrophy associated with extended runs in Zero-G. The kicker is that there is also a libidinous after-effect to the drug, which often times means that the party is just getting started when the mission is complete.

No one is really sure why Dr. Penzal gave up his lucrative deep-space practice to focus solely on Face Base, especially since the violent revolutions on Valles Marineris were making him very rich. Some suggest that Alisa may have some intel on him that would destroy his reputation - or that she otherwise has him by the balls. Some say that he is addicted to his own drug, which would be challenging to make without the steady supply of Alcindromycine that the colony provides him. Some say he’s got a bone to pick with Bear City. And some say he's just a prick.

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