Katya Saltykova - Director of Enthusiasm (Face Base)

Face Base's Minister of Feeling Groovy brings a hippy-dippy slant to the consciously motivating half-truths of the morning announcement.

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Katya Saltykova, Director Of Enthusiasm

Her soft, Eastern European accent is often at odds with the harsh message of her announcements (“The farm committee missed their production quotas last week by 20%, but that’s okay and it’s all working out because the committee is now 20% smaller. We’ll miss you Heather and Eugene.”) She also has a dark Exorcist-like side which comes out when confronted. “Heads will fucking roll! But that’s okay and it’s all working out.”

Hi Face Base! I’m ready ready ready ready ready! How about you? Are you ready ready ready ready ready? Yeah?! Okay then!

The Captain and the whole committee met deep into the night to plan today's mining operation. You can bet it’s a great plan. Join me in cheering our brave Face Base asteroid strippers as they head off this morning. Onward Cydonia!

This is Face Base Minister of Enthusiasm, Our victory is slipping away, the future is slipping away. (tone switches) Hitch up your pressure suits and slaughter those goddamned Bears! Or don’t come home. Onward Cydonia.

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