Buck Leerman

Leerman's best of days may be behind him, but his nights are still top-notch.

He packs more debauchery into a 24-hour period than the average Bear City citizen does in a month. Pushing 60, he's by far the oldest Bear City pilot – but certainly not the most taciturn. Leerman is a balls-to-the-wall, take-no-shit throwback to the rugged days of early space-frontier exploration.

Thurman has an affection for Old Blue that goes beyond R&R - he’s been grounded countless times for piloting while blind drunk. Somehow, he is always able to make it back home in one piece - usually towing more ore than any other pilot.

Leerman’s appearance isn’t much to talk about. Balding, paunchy and gruff, he’s got more hair on his knuckles than his dome. His hygiene routine is, shall we say, casual. However filthy his body may be though, it’s nothing compared to his mind. His predilection for prostitutes is legendary and he will often use the comms channels to regale Bear City with his latest debaucherous undertakings - often involving two or more of the Pleasure Cruise's working women. His bombastic lasciviousness rub some people the wrong way, most notably the rumored-to-be-celibate Tess Rains, who is often the subject of Leerman’s x-rated anecdotal fantasies.

Pilot, please refrain from calling me "peanut butter legs". I don't even know what that means.

It means they spread easy, Tex. It's a compliment.

You'll kindly shut that 10-gallon mouth of yours, stat.

Yes'm… In a jiffy.

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