The Drive

Shrouded in mystery, The Drive was originally part of an ancient spacecraft that visited in-Sol more than 3 billion years ago, an artificial black hole used to power the ship.

Little is known about the original vessel, but some data indicates The Drive was involved in the destruction of a friendlier Mars, and some theorize that it is responsible for the movement of Earth into its current position. The truth is, it's all scientific speculation.

The Drive was discovered, embedded in an asteroid, in out-Sol by Hank "the Mighty" Henderson (deceased), captain of the Cheyenne. Hank is rumored to have sold The Drive to TCID, but maintained a second element of the super ship, The Conductor. Since Hank's untimely death, his ex-wife Cat Anne has been in possession of The Conductor, and is in desperate search for the remaining elements of the ship.

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