The Captain - Committee President (Face Base)

A mysterious figure known mostly through the Face Base's Communications Chief's fawning references, we gather that The Captain has got The Committee just where he wants them.

With his revolutionary cabal — Comms, Aquaculture and of course, his old, unenthusiastic friend PriFly — he can pretty much run the Base as he sees fit.

Wake up Face Base. It’s the big day. The Captain wants you to know that while the Multi-corp fats cats are sleeping snugly in their silken pajamas we own the Night sky. Isn’t that just poetry?

The Captain and the whole Committee met deep into the night to plan today’s, uh, mining operation. You can bet it’s a great plan. Join me in cheering our brave Face Base asteroid strippers as they head off this morning. Onward Cydonia!

Onward Cydonia, indeed.

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