If you have an idea for a great character to add to our already established stupidity, viciousness, avarice, cowardice and psychotic behavior, add yours to our ever-growing cast of stars!

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Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'

Our writers have carefully crafted an assorted box of crazies: Ace pilots and drama queens and disgruntled workers and asshole bosses (they’re not just for Earthlings anymore!). Aboard the ships you’ll find young pilots hopped on blue, an array of cock-blocking drinking pals, and a playful sex kitten that’s really a boss ass bitch – just a few of the cast members that add to the dysfunctional debauchery that defines the Space Epic.

The spaceships are always in need of a newbesque crew member: a (double) D list actress, a maniacal martian, or some durfy cop we can take to the very verge of a breakdown. Sounds fun, right?

New submissions will be initially categorized as "future episodes" or "for consideration". Once we find them a permanent home they'll be moved into the "official" column and placed in a game episode - or maybe they'll star in several!

Official SEU Characters

Unofficial Characters (slated for future episodes)

Once your submission can be sufficiently linked to existing characters, ships, or factions we can begin to finalize its place in the SEU world. The following characters need some finishing touches - details and external links - to get past the last round of writing. Jump in and help make these characters become official!

New Submissions

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