Who's who: Adela Von Kühn

Adela Von Kühn was despised by many of the people on Mars, due to her being apart of the security forces oppressing the population. But they never said that to her when they had a rifle on them from up close. Adela was one of those people trying to make a living just like everyone else, even though it was much more of a hassle when everyone want kill you since you job was to be an asshole to them. Adela family originally immigrated from Germany before she was ever born, making her a full fledge Martian, making people hater even more since she was brand as a traitor by the colonists. Adela really didn't care all she want was to get paid to support her daughter and husband. On another note she was know as one best marksmen on Mars, especially with a sniper rifle. But soon all that changed when the uprising happen. Adela family was killed in a security bombing run that was suspected to be occupied by rebels, of course that was a lie, it was just to remind the colonists who was in control. She then took revenge by shooting the bomber down with her sniper rifle with a single shot to one of the engines and watched it burn. She then storm the home of the officer that gave the order and emptied her entire pistol magazine into him. She vanished without a trace and nobody knew where to find. All expect for one man, Quinn Hanigan. The best place to hid from law from the law on Mars was to live in the slums of the colonys, were no security forces would ever look for her, especially if they didn't want their throats slit. She was found drinking herself in a bar, just wanting to die. Hanigan made her change her mind. Soon enough she was Robing and kill all across the planet with the Rough Riders. She soon got the nickname "Deadeye" and no wanted to find out how good she really was. As long as she has a beer once in a while she will be fine, if not, I suggest you run while you can.

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