Who's who: Carlos Santiago

Carlos Santiago is what a you a man with a few screws lose, which is literally true since part of his skull is replaced a metal skull frame. Born in good all Mexico, Carlos was born into a long line of miners. With everyone going to Mars, he knew that they need miners and thought he would be payed well and make an honest living, he was so wrong. After arriving on Mars, he was introduced to harsh working and living conditions, long hours without pay, and over exhaustion. It wasn't until freak accident involving some unstable explosives left Carlos buried alive in a mine of days. People were baffled that he was alive at all, especially with the shrapnel stuck in his head along with his missing left hand. He got patched up and got cybernetics, but he was never the same. You see, the good old docs weren't able to get all of the shrapnel out his head since some of it was in a few delicate spots and if they tried to remove them it would have killed him. He soon enough started to hear a voice he called "El Uno Loco" that told him to blow things up for fun and he did just that, he blew up vehicles, buildings, and even toilets with cherry bombs. On everyone wanted him dead from the trouble he caused except for one, Quinn Hanigan. Quinn knew that he need an explosives expert if he was going to pull of some the jobs he was going to do and Santiago was the man for the job. For him it was a dream come and he loved ever moment of it, but even the Rough Riders have trouble controlling him, especially his nutty ranting and laughing most of time. Many people just call him the "mad bomber" a nickname that everyone has heard of, including when hear an explosion. When you hear coming tick you better run as fast as you can because Santiago is never far behind with that laughter if his.

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