Who's who: Lu Chan

A master of the fighting style of Wing Chun, Lu Chan was never on the right side of the law. Born in the city state of Hong Kong, Lu had to live the hard life, with the country overpopulated and jobs scarce, he soon became a red pole (enforcer) for the Luen Triad. China itself was not in a good position either, due to years of pollution the land itself became a uninhabitable industrial wasteland with more and more people flocking to the already crowed cities. With food, living space, even air were on high demand, China was quickly thrown into civil war and eventually the cities became independent states. Criminals ran the governments know and Lu was one of them. Lu was sent to Mars to sent up shop for the triad. But they soon pulled out leaving him stranded during the uprising. With no way to get home Lu lived the life of a street fighter, earning money where could find it. Hanigan found him on day and asked him to join him, but Lu wouldn't do it unless he beat him in a fight. One beat down later Lu became a part of the Rough Riders and has be punching people ever since. He soon got the "Sand Dragon" for his speed and how he always vanishes quickly into the desert. What ever you do don't antagonize him or your in a world of hurt.

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