Who's who: Marcus Akachi

Born in the heart of Africa, Marcus Akachi was a man with a mission, to bring down the cooperations that destroyed his homeland. But of course he had to learn how to get out of the hell hole he was leaving in. You see after all the resources dried up in Africa, the cooperations left it as a lifeless husk of its former self. After that, it went up into straight anarchy. The governments of Africa were all but abolished and Warlords took over for the scrapes that were left. It became so serious the UN put the whole continent under lockdown with no way in and no way out. Not even relief drops were sent in fear of being shot down by the warlords. Marcus was at the bottom food chain for most of his life, he saw his family killed one by one from the many horrors that happened in a land that only knew war. Of course where he failed in strength he exceed in brains. The thing about being a scavenger is, that no one ever really notice you here and there. He gathered parts from old space ships and computers that remained to make his own ride outta there, along with a super computer. With all the things that he learned from his life, he escaped the dark continent under everyone's noses. He soon enough hacked his way in anything that kept him under the radar from multi security. For a while he was doing good for himself and putting the hurt on the cooperations. But a fateful encounter on Mars changed everything. While refueling on Mars, he was held at gun point by a reporter named Maria Tanaka, who still healing from her injuries from the Seige of Geo, especially when she was missing an arm along with a squad of security forces after her. After a high speed chase and escape into space. Marcus decided to help Maria in her crusade against the injustice of the sol system, along with giving her a custom made gun arm to put. But soon enough they started share that the same bed among other private things. But of course They always try to do business before pleasure. All criminals beware, for when Marcus on after you, he will find about everything about and help you dig your own grave.

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