Who's who: Quinn Hanigan

Not much is know about this man or his past, only that he showed up one day on Mars and started causing trouble. He is believed to have come from Canada, which is a terrible place to live in since most of its under water due to global warming and all that is left are man made city states built on the water, not mention the water is polluted making it harder to survive. Any Quinn first rampage was on security armory and made off with an arsenal, by the time security force showed up, he vanished like a ghost and later blew up and command center with five pounds of c4. After that he was on every wanted poser on Mars. Everywhere he went, chaos followed him like flies. It wasn't until the uprising that he started recruiting people to join the Rough Riders. No one knows why he did to begin with, he not really the talkative type of person. Most people believe that because of his African heritage, since The cooperations were treating their employees like slaves, he didn't want any part of and want to live outside the law instead. He is even said to be the fastest gun on Mars with his pair of modified revolvers that uses to tear the opposition which gave the nickname "The Relentless." What ever he wants, it doesn't matter, not with half the system wanting the price on your head

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